PhD Dissertation Proposal Format – The Essential Component That Highly Contributes To A Dissertation’s Success

What is PhD dissertation proposal format?

dissertation proposal

When you are writing a dissertation proposal, it is essential that you plan the task well in advance to make sure that you are adhering to the PhD dissertation proposal format required by your University. The more you adhere to the format, the higher will be your grade. Also, spend quality time to shape your dissertation in a better way. There are many essential components of dissertation proposal such as introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations regarding the research work. You can also seek the advice or support from few dissertation services as they might have many years of experience to advice you regarding what you must do and what not.

The regular PhD dissertation proposal format would have the first three chapters such as:


This is the first chapter that speaks a lot about the research, the significance of the topic and the approach you are going to have for the research. This chapter will convey to the reader about the research problem you intend to take up and the strategies you will be tackling.

Literature Review:

Another essential component that you can find among PhD dissertation proposal format is the Literature Review. This complex chapter and need your full focus as you will have to review the academic literature of your topic of research. This will need you to review the theories and concepts related to the academic concepts. This task needs to be overly descriptive which makes students to find it very difficult to write. You can ask the dissertation help to write this chapter or you to avoid the trouble.

Research Methodology:

This is an integral part of PhD dissertation proposal format that needs you to concentrate a lot. This chapter tells your reader how you carry the research process and the methodology you used for this process and why is it important.


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