Dissertation research proposal

Dissertation research

Dissertation research proposal aims at convincing the authority involved about the intention of research. In a short document, the write-ups must reflect the: research innovation, methodology, and hypothesis. The components that feature in research proposal are:

  • Title
  • Research question
  • Primary materials to carry out the research
  • Theoretical framework
  • Design and methodology
  • Expected outcome

Reason for writing dissertation research proposal could be categorized as:

  • To get a seat at the university
  • Applying for grants

In the written proposal, the content must indicate that you have the requisite competence and expertise to contribute new knowledge. The quality of writing without any flaw matters a lot. The first things needs attention here is to how to covert the research topic into hypothesis. Precise object of the research requires mention in the proposal, though at later stage it could be modified. Going through the research question must convince the reader regarding:

  • Overall objective of research
  • Core idea
  • Clear statement of problem
  • Exploration of sub-questions
  • Predictions
  • Tentative explanation
  • Delimitation of the scope
  • Research characteristics

Then the literature review section of dissertation research proposal. It must demonstrate that:

  • Identification of gap
  • Generation of ideas leading to research question
  • Substantial ideas to define the concepts and theoretical framework

The way you will carry out the research is what the research methodology about. The outline of the methodology in the proposal must feature:

  • Primary materials
  • The way to choose methodology
  • Exploration of key problems
  • Clarity of methods
  • Standard terminology
  • Most appropriate approach
  • Possible criticism
  • Relationship between theoretical framework and textual evidence

Other crucial things in constituting the research proposal are: title, body of the proposal, conclusion, and bibliography. All these things need to be presented within the word count limit and adhering to the style and format applicable.

However, the issues encountered in the proposal are:

  • Narrowing down to specific topic
  • How to convert the topic into research question
  • How to evaluate the evidence
  • Definition of the topic
  • What, how, when, where of research strategy

The overall purpose is getting the grant to carry out the research. Every funding body has its own set of rules and regulations. Accordingly, the proposal needs to be designed to get the approval. Therefore, an issue in one way or other engulfs the aspirant and if not dealt with properly, then the aim o f scholar study will remain as dream only.

To overcome the issues of dissertation research proposal, we provide contextual service. The experts we engage have through understanding over the requirement of research proposal. The service rendered is customized basis. Irrespective of your funding authority and university, the expert’s mastery related to proposal writing is exemplary and invasive. Thus, you will meet your research purpose without any hindrance. Our commitment is to assist in every regard of proposal to make sure that your proposal stands apart from others.



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